Popular Summer Flowers For Bridal Bouquets

Get the perfect wedding florals that match your aesthetic during summer. Read and check out list of the most popular summer flowers for weddings in Hockessin DE.

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Planning for summer wedding in Hockessin DE? Then, you must decide the type of bridal bouquet you want – classic, contemporary, vintage, rustic, wildflower, or something else. Summer is the prime time for flowers. You get plenty of variety to choose from. So, you will get the perfect florals that match your aesthetic. However, you may be confused when choosing the perfect wedding blooms for your bouquet.

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List of the most popular summer flowers for weddings

1. Gardenia

Elegant and charming gardenias are perfect for your summer wedding. Be it for a bridal bouquet or a boutonniere, gardenias can be a great choice. The blooms symbolize purity and gentleness. They also represent joy and the secret love between two people. Choose a white gardenia flower arrangement or pick some colored ones. They are available in pink, pale yellow, and white. Along with great beauty, gardenias are also popular as wedding flowers for their sweet and heady fragrance. Visit Wanner's Flowers LLC, your local Hockessin DE Flower Store for beautiful summer flower bridal bouquet with a rustic vibe.

2. Iris

Irises in your bridal bouquet can double its charm and radiance. The flowers are mainly associated with their bold blue and purplish color, but they are also available in yellow, pink, and white. These elegant blooms represent hope, trust, and wisdom. Though irises have little to no fragrance, a few varieties may give off a fruity scent. Regardless of the colors you choose, irises look magical at weddings. Get your wedding florist Hockessin DE to add blue and white irises with little frills to create the most gorgeous bridal bouquet.

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3. Dahlia

For the ones who would love a rustic bridal bouquet, dahlias are perfect. These multi-petaled blooms come in a wide variety of shades – peach, lavender, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and bi-color. While large dahlias can be a part of your bridal bouquet, the smaller blooms would be perfect for a corsage. Visit Wanner's Flowers LLC, your local Hockessin DE florist shop to create your bridal bouquet with a rustic vibe. You can pair peach dahlias with soft pink and white roses, hanging amaranthus, waxflower, and even succulents.

4. Hydrangea

If you want a more traditional-looking bridal flower arrangement, go for hydrangeas. They are available in white, blue, and pink hues and are perfect for a traditional garden wedding. Hydrangeas symbolize abundance as they come as tightly packed, round flowers. They also represent heartfelt emotions and perseverance. These abundant and lovely blooms offer a feeling of elegance. A few varieties also give off a sweet and refreshing fragrance. So, if you are going to be a traditional bride, choose a standalone hydrangeas bouquet. You can go all-white or mix soft pink hydrangeas with adequate greens to create a stunning bouquet.

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5. Roses

These timeless beauties blend well in every aesthetic. Whether you want a classic bridal bouquet or a rustic one, roses are a must. Roses bloom in different colors and symbolize love, joy, peace, celebration, and grace. They are meaningful and enchanting flowers that are a must at weddings. Hockessin florists offer roses of various colors. For classic bouquets, you can pick English garden roses or standard roses in pink, red, or white. Add some baby’s breath, carnations, and peonies to create an exotic bouquet.

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When it comes to creating bridal bouquets with summer flowers, the possibilities are endless. For rustic bridal arrangements, pick orange, peach, red, or pale-yellow roses. Add daisies, protea, thistle, and hanging amaranthus to create a head-turning bouquet.