Should You Send Flowers On Valentine's Day?

Unsure about Valentine's Day flowers? Dive into the top reason to send flowers on Valentine's day, and discover if this tradition should blossom in your love story!

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Valentine's Day is a time for romance and love. Sending flowers is a cherished Valentine's Day tradition that says "I care about you" in a beautiful, fragrant way. Here are some thoughts on why you should consider sending flowers this February 14th and what are the best flowers for Valentine's day.

A little history on Valentine's Day flowers

The tradition of sending flowers on Valentine's Day dates back centuries. In the Middle Ages, birds would begin to mate on February 14th, gaining it a reputation as a day for romance. By the Victorian era, handwritten cards and gifts were exchanged between loved ones. Flowers became a popular gift choice, with roses being the most emblematic flower of love. The British Florist Association estimates that 250 million stems of flowers are sold globally on Valentine's Day, with one-third being roses, making it one of the biggest flower holidays globally.

Flowers signify your affection

While words can express care and affection, happy Valentine's day flowers literally blooming with color and scent make a gesture that lingers longer. Receiving a bouquet says "I was thinking of you" in a cheerful, celebratory way. Studies have shown the positive impact that flowers have on mood, reducing stress and boosting satisfaction. Sending flowers lets someone know they are cared for and makes them feel special.

Find the best flower to suit their tastes

Not all flowers are created equal, so consider who you are sending flowers to and choose blooms that suit their personality. Roses are always a classic choice but other great flowers to give on Valentine's Day include:

  • Tulips - Merry, cheerful blooms in vivid hues
  • Lilies - Elegant, delicate flowers with a sweet scent
  • Carnations - Low-maintenance flowers in eye-catching shades
  • Orchids - Tropical blooms that last for weeks
  • Gerbera daisies - Fun, bubblegum-colored blooms

Before ordering, check if they have flower allergies. You can also include a heartfelt note with your bouquet.

Convenience of local floral delivery

Rather than braving crowded stores, consider using a local Hockessin, DE Florist for Valentine's Day flower delivery. Many florists offer same-day or early delivery options. With online ordering, you can browse arrangements and have beautifully arranged blooms hand-delivered anywhere, like their home or office.

Bring a smile this Valentine's Day

While chocolates or a gift card might be a more practical gift, flowers offer romance and beauty that can really lift someone's spirits on Valentine's Day. The temporary nature of flowers also serves as a not-so-subtle reminder of your affection. So if you want to truly sweep your special someone off their feet this February 14th, consider brightening their day with a gorgeous fresh bouquet from a local florist.

Whether you're miles apart or together, a bouquet says you were thinking of someone special. During these challenging times, small acts of affection brighten each day. Sending flowers is a sweet Valentine's tradition that will be sincerely appreciated. So don't forget to order blooms from your local florist like Wanners Flowers and let your loved ones know you care with a gorgeous Flower Delivery in Claymont DE. We have all types of flowers for Valentine's Day - sure to make your partner happy and head over heels for you. Happy Valentine's Day!

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