7 Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day in Hockessin

If you are planning a Valentine's Day Flower Delivery in Hockessin for your loved one, the following list will help you pick the best blooms for your Valentine’s Day flower arrangements..

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While flowers are always a great present, the charm of a Valentine’s Day flower delivery is unmatched! They not only look ravishing but also symbolize many special feelings and emotions. If you are planning a Valentine's Day Flowers Delivery in Hockessin for your loved one, the following list will help you pick the best blooms for your Valentine’s Day flower arrangements:

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Stating the most obvious, roses are on the top of our list and well, for all the right reasons. It would be fair to call them the official Valentine’s Day flower by now. If you are planning to convey your strong feelings towards someone, add roses to your Valentine’s Day flower arrangements without a hitch! Being one of the best Hockessin Florists, we can assure you that this one is not just the florist's favorite but also truly loved by a large number of customers.

Calla Lilies

Midnight Calla Lilies have a charm of their own. These chic and aesthetic flowers are one of the best types of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Their long-stemmed burgundy petals will be a complete showstopper for your romantic date night. So while making your Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery in Hockessin, Calla Lilies can be hard to miss out on!


Ranunculus is a true treat for the eye! These bright and elegant flowers are a symbol of charm and glamour. And especially for your Valentine’s Day flower delivery, you can certainly go ahead and convey your feelings towards someone who has been on your mind for quite a while now. They are the best picks for someone who looks ravishing and has the beauty to light up any room that they enter in!

Tropical Flowers

Were you planning to celebrate the special V-day with your loved one somewhere in the tropical region but could not? Well, in that case, some tropical blooms can be the closest thing to having full tropical feels with your sweetheart. No matter what temperature it is outside, having these tropical flowers at your home can fill you with sheer delight and joy. And especially when you order from the best Hockessin Florists like us, they are assured to last a long period!


While anemones may not be the traditional Valentine Flowers, their fresh peppy appearance can prove otherwise. Generally, anemones are known to symbolize protection. So when you give them to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, they would know that you truly care for them and that you always have their back!


The way petals of peonies open and go on to expand, your loved one will get the message of the prospering love that you two share. They are a symbol of romance, good luck, as well as a healthy marriage. So when deciding on your Valentine’s Day Flower arrangements, you can never go wrong with Peonies.


Similar to the elegant roses, tulips, especially the red ones, are also attributed to love and romance. You can also find and pick tulips in many other bright hues including pink, purple, and yellow! They are some of the most delightful and cheerful flowers that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

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