Type of Flowers for Women's Day

Flowers and women have a lovely bond, Here are some lovely Women's Day Flowers from Wanner’s flowers that people around you will definitely appreciate.

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There are varieties of flowers out there but for when it comes to Women’s Day you definitely need something special. Flowers and women have a lovely bond, they enjoy flowers and receiving them always feels special and cared for. Women’s day is yet another event to honor and make women around you feel empowered. So get on the bandwagon and check out some great options.

Here are best flowers for Women's Day Flowers

1. Mimosa flower

This has to be the number one pick when it comes to Women’s day because this is the official flower for this international event. You would definitely think why Mimosas? well it was back in the day during the feminist movement in Italy where women choose this flower as a symbol of sensitivity, sensibility and strength. Mimosa flower is a combination of green and yellow with yellow petals in a round ball-like shape and tiny green leaves. You should definitely get this for your women's day flower bouquet, all you need is a handful of these flowers, since they are not that tall you can go with a ribbon to tie it around securely. You can also make this flower as a brooch or ornament for a women’s day event.

2. Roses

When it comes to giving flowers especially to women around, roses are a popular option. Roses are easy to find and make a versatile pick when it comes to flowers for women's day. If you want to go with something romantic then you must go with red roses. If you want to express love which is not romantic then you can go with other colors. The best color for an international women's day flower is yellow. It generally symbolizes friendship, but it also stands for joy. Making it a perfect pick for your female friends and colleagues. You can easily get various other colors like pink, purple, ivory, and orange.

3. Carnations

If you are looking for something sweet and not too dramatic then Carnations are for you. These poofy flowers are actually really sturdy and long lasting. They are commonly used as filler flowers as well making it a great pick for an individual flower arrangement or mixing it up with other flowers. Carnations some in the prettiest shades out there like pink, red, orange, yellow, white with a few variations in every color. Since carnations and single stems and also easy to work with, you can create flower decorations, flower bouquets and flower boxes with them. Arranging them by color makes it look well planned so you can go with combinations like all pinks, pink and white, red and orange, yellow an white and so on.

4. Gerbera daisies

Another fun flower to have for your women’s day celebration is Gerbera, these are again super long lasting, easy to find in any Flower store in Hockessin DE. Along with being available most of the time what makes this flower a popular pick is their color and shape. Gerberas have an ideal flower shape with rounded petals and a bright green stem. They come in vibrant and subtle shades both like pink, hot pink, yellow, orange, and more. Gerberas are great for decor, bouquets and flower baskets.

With Flower delivery in New Castle DE you can get these flowers and more, along with specially curated flower arrangements for Women’s day.